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Name:Joseph Jobson
Birthdate:Mar 13
((Note: Some things in this Blassreiter character's bio has been changed to fit an AU timeline for RP purposes.))

Joseph has a mysterious lone wolf nature about him, but it's not that he despises people. Not at all. He deeply cares about all mankind, and knew from the start of Magwald Xargin's drastic change of heart that it was his fate to pursue the man and stop him from eliminating humanity from the world. His current life on the move as an Amalgam hunter also leaves little room to form close bonds with other people.

He was a foreigner and seen as an Outsider from birth onward. His parents had died without food or shoes in trying to take him as an infant to an old priest in a church. All they had to save baby Joseph was the warmth of their bodies by the time the priest found him.

He spent his childhood in a tightly-knit community, helping the priest look after the other orphans' needs, tend to their home, and helped other people in need. Joseph first learned how to carve the Virgin Mary by watching him.

As he went outdoors with the priest to hand the statues out in exchange for charity money, there were the bullies who ganged up on him.

Years later, when he was fifteen, there came a flood. The priest exhausted himself to death as the children and adults within the church were sick, hungry, and cold. Just as when Joseph was distraught about the death of the only father figure he's ever had was when he first met Magwald Xargin, who came with others that drove trucks filled with food, medical supplies, and blankets.

It was through Xargin that he discovered that he had an older sister, Alexandra "Sasha" Jobson. She was a brilliant young woman who cared for the homeless as Xargin told Joseph that she was researching on nanotechnology for the next step in performing medical miracles.

For the next few weeks, Joseph developed a close friendship with Xargin, with whom he shared a deep desire to help those in need. However, the medication they provided to the bereaved population and Outsiders (even going as far as trying to smuggle them out of Xargin and Sasha's university - then led by Victor Statchus) proved ineffective.

One night, Sasha was beaten to death by Outsider-hating citizens. It was then, through the letter that she had left behind, that Joseph learned that Sasha's research was primarily focusing on military-oriented cybernetics. Feeling all hope was lost, Xargin conveys his bereavement to Victor, who decides that he is worthy of receiving the nanotechnology that Sasha had been working on. After Xargin rebels against Victor, Joseph tries to stop his erstwhile friend but is mortally wounded. (By saying what the priest Joseph loved dearly once told him, "Even in the midst of our darkest hour, life still has meaning.") In response, the former scientist infected the teen with nanomachine-infested blood, turning him into an Amalgam. Victor Strachus, the head of the nano-machine research and Sasha's former boss, gave him the GARM motorcycle and entrusted him with tracking down the now renegade Magwald Xargin.

As Joseph searched for Xargin, he helped behind the scenes to help aid the XAT (Xenogenesis Assault Team) to try and stop the Amalgam plague from spreading. One run-in with an Amalgam on a racetrack course paralyzed the famous racer, Gerd Frentzen, from the waist down.

Through Xargin, Gerd became an Amalgam--and this led to Joseph having no choice but to carry out what was promised to end him, release him from his suffering.

He also befriended Malek after scaring off similar kids who beat up and made fun of Joseph when he was Malek's age. He also found Mari Broderick, an American who had come to visit the country at the wrong place and time--infected by Xargin. So was Malek, days later.

The XAT eventually fell, and Xargin fled Germany, flying atop his Amalgamated mare, Weiss toward America. Amanda Werner, Malek's older stepsister, went missing along with her partner Hermann Saltza. Joseph, Mari, and Malek make their way to the U.S. in hopes of stopping Xargin from killing and/or infecting anyone else...

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amalgams, apocalypse knights, apples, blassreiter, elea, god, motorcycles, nanotechnology, saving the world from amalgams, the bible, the holy trinity, wood carving, x.a.t., xenogensis assault team
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